• Comprehensive Therapy

      • Initial Screening and Evaluations
      • Evaluate Developmental Milestones
      • Treat Whole Child, Not Symptoms

  • Team Based Approach

    • Whole Family Approach
    • Frequent Updates and Communication
    • Collaborative Therapy Solutions

  • Customized Treatment Options

    • Individualized Programs
    • In-School Therapy Sessions
    • Group Sessions
  • Why Choose Us?

    • Founded and Managed by Therapists
      Our number one goal is always the strengthening and advancement of your child’s goals.
    • Only Therapists Treat Patients
      You can be confident that you child is in trusted hands of professionals.
    • Age Appropriate Tools and Equipment
      Our occupational therapy toolkit provides safe, mobile tools for advancing skills.
    • Strengthening the Whole Child
      We believe in positive reinforcement and strengthening each child and family we work with.


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  • Philosophy

    Our Philosophy

    We take a positive, team approach to supporting your child’s healthy and happy development. We understand that each child is unique from the core of his or her DNA to the challenges and developmental needs he or she has. To create a unique treatment plan for your child, we meet and collaborate with teachers, parents and guidance counselors so we can attempt to make services seamless and NOT stressful or fragmented. DNA Comprehensive Services was founded by social worker and mother, so we understand the importance of strengthening the whole child and providing comprehensive care.

    Our Story

    Our Story

    It had always been a life long goal of Elizabeth Dosoretz, founder of DNA Comprehensive Therapy Services, to work with children and their families.

    However, it was not until she had her own children that she realized how hard parenting can be– and just how significant it is to have support, advocacy and resources for families. Parenting is hard enough.


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